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Project Description

A framework of core components to accelerate sharepoint application development.

The framework provides support for commonly required provisioning, configuration and logging functions that might otherwise be duplicated across every sharepoint development.

The are two fundamentally different approaches to provisioning sharepoint artifacts:

- Use CAML in features
- Use Object model code

There is no agreement as to the "best" way to choose. Both methods have advantages and disadvantages. Indeed, there are some operations (like setting the id of a custom content type) that can only be done through CAML and others (like provisioing custom security groups) that can only be done through code.

Further, most custom sharepoint applications quickly generate a collection of custom object model code. Typically this will be used to maipulate list items, documents, content types etc. Most of this code is duplicated between projects and can be readily factored out into helper functions, allowing the particular project to focus of solving business problems rather than repeatedly regenerating "plumbing" code.

Our objective is to create a core library of common provisioning code and helper functions that encaspulate current best practice coding guidelines. By using these libraries you will be able to quickly provision sharepoint applications and build upon libraries of tested, best practice code for your sharepoint object model manipulations.

I'd be very glad to hear suggestions of what might be included and also delighted to receive code contributions of the "bits you keep writing over and over again" on your current sharepoint projects.

Status & timescales

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